Anderson School Before and After
ANDERSON SCHOOL (Bothell, Wash.)
The North Shore Pool building was constructed by King County in 1972 for use by the community, schools and swim clubs. Olympic coach Charlotte Davis trained two, synchronized swimming Olympic Gold Medalists here.
Anderson School Before and After
ANDERSON SCHOOL (Bothell, Wash.)
It has now been reimagined as a veritable concert of space, texture, colors, and tastes. The full-sized, saltwater swimming pool is surrounded by tropical flora, skylights kept permanently open, and the upstairs North Shore Lagoon tiki bar.
Anderson School Before and After

ANDERSON SCHOOL (Bothell, Wash.)
Enclosing the courtyard area is a series of buildings constructed in a practical, multipurpose/generic design back in 1959 – a perfect blank canvas for more creative fun.

Anderson School Before and After

ANDERSON SCHOOL (Bothell, Wash.)
The buildings now house event spaces, a movie theater, and two restaurants. The courtyard is now called Haynes Square, named for the local family that had such a lasting, positive impact on both the community and the school, and is the heartbeat of the property, with its stage for live music, small bar and outdoor seating.

Elks Temple Before and After

ELKS TEMPLE (Tacoma, Wash.)
Within the dilapidated building of the old Elks Lodge is the grand ballroom. 30 years of vacancy and untold numbers of high school kids, homeless people and curious onlookers explored its vast spaces, and gradually the place was stripped of most of its fixtures and architectural flourishes.

Elks Temple Before and After

ELKS TEMPLE (Tacoma, Wash.)
Now called the Spanish Ballroom, and opening onto the Spanish Steps, it's been restored to its full glory and is a thriving venue for special events and live music.

Elks Temple Before and After

ELKS TEMPLE (Tacoma, Wash.)
The fourth floor houses another grand space within the majestic, Elks Lodge. Note the chandelier medallion in the ceiling, which was saved and restored with great care by talented craftsmen and artists.

Elks Temple Before and After

ELKS TEMPLE (Tacoma, Wash.)
The space has been reinvented as a two story atrium, with hotel rooms below and a collection of chandeliers from around the world to fill the space above.

As a thank you for joining the family, investors will receive:

  • a $500 McMenamins gift card
  • Membership to McMenamins new Whiskey Club 
  • Mixed case of McMenamins handcrafted products: wine, beer, spirits, coffee
Additionally, all investors will receive an investor card which gets them the following for the duration of their investment (5, 8, or 10 years): *As 33 is the highest ranking number for the Masons, we chose to go with a 33% discount.
  • 33% off hotel rooms (Based on availability)
  • 33% off McMenamins beer and wine in cans/bottles to go
  • 33% off McMenamins merchandise at hotel gift shops and 23rd Ave Bottle Shop
  • 33% off Spa products (Discount not available on treatments)
  • 33% off movie tickets (Based on availability)
  • 33% off ticket to McMenamins special events (Based on availability. Discount not available on concert tickets)
  • Free golf at Edgefield (Based on availability)
  • Invitation to the Investor Annual party
  • We also thank our investors throughout the year with occasional product releases or gift packs which are sent out 3-4x a year 

McMenamins is looking for investors who are interested in revitalizing neighborhoods, honoring art, bringing history to life, and building community – all while having fun. McMenamins has created an investment package for its Series A Preferred Stock.
Summary of offering terms:

  • Only “accredited investors” − individuals with $1 million or more in net worth (excluding the value of the individual's primary residence) or more than $200,000 in annual income (more than $300,000 with their spouse) in the past two years − can purchase the securities. Certain institutions may also qualify as accredited investors.
  • Potential investors are required to provide documentation confirming accredited investor status -  Download
  • Investors will purchase Class A Preferred Units ("A Units") in the Company and become members of the Company.
  • The offering price is $1,000 per Series A Share. The minimum investment is $100,000, representing the price of 100 shares.
  • Investment proceeds will be used to retire short-term debt and provide general purpose working capital. Working capital uses may include future expansion projects.
  • Series A Shares will be available in three subseries: A-1, A-2, and A-3. The three subseries allow investors to choose the length and return rate of their investment. The three subseries are identical, except as to redemption periods and redemption price:
    SubseriesRedeemable in:Redemption Price:
    A-1Five years$1,160
    A-2Eight years$1,320
    A-3Ten years$1,480
  • All Series A Shares carry an annual 3% cumulative dividend. Dividends are payable when declared by the Board of Directors. Accrued dividends must be paid when shares are redeemed and on any liquidation event.
  • Shareholders will have the option to require that McMenamins redeem their shares at the times listed above for each subseries. Redemptions are subject to certain time and amount limits, as described in the Offering Circular - Fill out this form for more information. 
  • McMenamins also has the right to redeem any or all Series A Shares once the redemption period for a subseries begins.
  • If McMenamins cannot legally redeem shares when requested by a shareholder, the annual cumulative dividend rate will increase to 3.75% for one year, and to 4.50% thereafter. Dividend rates will return to 3.0% when McMenamins resumes redemptions.
  • Series A Shares are nonvoting. However, approval of a majority of Series A Shares will be required for major corporate changes, including any sale of McMenamins. In addition, Series A Shares will have the right to elect a member of the Board of Directors if McMenamins is unable to redeem Series A Shares when requested, subject to certain limitations.
  • Series A Shares will have a liquidation preference over common stock. The liquidation preference will be the redemption price, including accrued but unpaid dividends.
  • Series A Shares are not convertible.
  • Purchasers of Series A Shares will have the right to certain financial information under an Investor Rights Agreement. The Investor Rights Agreement will also include a typical requirement that all holders of Series A Shares participate in any sale of McMenamins that is approved by the Board of Directors and a majority of the Series A Shares. Fill out this form for more information. 
  • An initial closing is scheduled for the week of August 21, 2020, after commitments to invest a minimum of $5 million have been received. These commitments have been made and Phase I has closed.
  • In addition to financial returns, investors will receive invitations to special investor events on McMenamins properties, beer, wine, spirits, and more.

The Offering Circular containing important information about this offering, including risk factors, is now available and should be reviewed carefully. Investors will be required to provide supporting documents proving that they are accredited investors.

This is a private placement of securities. Securities sold through private placements are restricted and not publicly traded. Shareholders may not be able to sell their Series A Shares even if a need for personal funds arises.

Information regarding documentation required to confirm accredited investor status, and the confidentiality agreement required to obtain the Offering Circular, are now available.

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