Receive property discounts, free golf, a $500 McMenamins gift card, product gift baskets and more

Accredited investors, you’re invited to invest in community, art, good food, handcrafted beers, property restoration and more, by joining Mike and Brian McMenamin on the family owned company’s upcoming ventures.

As an investor, in addition to the financial returns on your investment, you’ll receive:

  • A 33% discount on many property offerings, including hotel rooms and beer and wine, for 5, 8 or 10 years (depending on the investment duration)
  • A gift basket of McMenamins handcrafted products
  • A bonus sign-on gift card worth $500
  • Free golf at Edgefield
  • An invitation to the exclusive Investor Annual Party for you and a guest
  • Occasional “surprise” gifts, sent to you 3 to 4 times per year
  • A one year membership to McMenamins new Whiskey Club, with exclusive access to limited edition releases and bottles, access to tastings of rare and special whiskeys and more

Shares are available at the issue price of $1,000, with a $100,000 investment minimum.

Follow these steps to get started:

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  Submit Accredited Investor Form  

Once these items are completed, the McMenamins Investment Offering Circular will be sent.

Next virtual meeting is January 21 for accredited investors.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at

For those who are looking for another chapter of the McMenamins adventure, we suggest McMenamins gift cards. Discounted gift cards are available in denominations all the way up to $20,000

  • Take 10% off gift card purchases from $1,000-1,999. Discounts increase with every $2,000 you spend, up to 20% off.  

  • Purchases of $1,000 or more may be made online, at hotel front desks and gift shops, or by calling McMenamins Headquarters at (503) 223-0109. 

    Gift Card Promotion Details

First off, we would like to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who has helped us transform McMenamins from a small pub in Southeast Portland to a 56-property company spanning across Oregon and Washington; to our employees, whose hard work and dedication makes McMenamins enjoyable for all who can experience it; to our customers and communities, who we love and are honored to serve; and to you, for stopping by to learn how you can be a part of McMenamins.

For years, we’ve tinkered with and evolved the McMenamins guest experience, meshing together critical pieces, including a vintage, homemade and exotic light fixture collection amassed over 40 years. We’ve tapped our love of architectural restoration and the interpretation of local history by artists. We’ve layered in touches to create a sense of exploration and discovery − from small bars, pools, gardens, free music and events to menu updates, and secret rooms that create a sense of community and shared experiences. Oh, yes, and most importantly, great people ready to help you enjoy it all.

Today, we are weathering the pandemic storm and are using our experience to adjust to this new, uncertain climate. And adjust we have – from rehiring employees to filling to-go orders, canning handcrafted beverages and roasting coffee beans; to livestreaming concerts, we’re bouncing back.

We are inviting you to be part of an investment offering to shift the company’s capital structure away from short-term bank debt incurred by the coronavirus and toward a greater reliance on equity. The larger purpose of the offering, however, is to provide working capital for projects. With many long-planned projects in the works, and guests eager to come enjoy a Ruby and tots in one of the historic pubs, please join us for an exciting and creative future. It will be fun!

With gratitude,

Brian, Mike and the McMenamin Family

Although this is the first time the company has opened direct investment in McMenamins, Inc., to those outside the McMenamin family, the company has invited outside investment from accredited investors to capitalize two previous projects, the revitalization of the Anderson School in Bothell, Wash. and the Elks Lodge in Tacoma, Wash. Unlike those private securities offerings, which were for specific properties, investors who take part in this offering will have an opportunity to purchase a shareholder interest in the company itself.

  • Anderson School

    The historic Anderson School in Bothell, Wash. was McMenamins’ first crowd-funded project. Adjacent to a planned city center and new City Hall on the main highway leading into Bothell, the Anderson School was part of the City’s revitalization plan. With help from accredited investors, they created Anderson School Properties LLC and reimagined the historic school built in 1931 as Bothell Junior High School into a mixed-use gathering place and iconic Pacific Northwest travel destination, filling a neighborhood need for a family-friendly brewpub, meeting space, wedding venue, theater and live music performance site. Local history comes to life through original location-specific artwork in hallways and hotel rooms, friends meet for movies and beer made onsite, community green space reconnects the property with Horse Creek, and City of Bothell residents use the swimming pool and dedicated community room at no cost. The hotel sold out immediately and the property has drawn acclaim from locals and visitors. McMenamins leases McMenamins Anderson School from Anderson School Properties LLC, generating rent to investors, who earn a preferred return and profit distributions over the anticipated 10-year investment.

    Here are highlights of Anderson School’s grand opening.

  • Elks Temple

    Following the success of the Anderson School capital raise and location transformation, McMenamins created another LLC, Elks Temple Properties, and invited accredited investors to help fund the restoration of the abandoned Elks Lodge in downtown Tacoma. After seeing the property, which sat empty for more than 20 years, the McMenamin family was inspired to bring new life into the place. And the vision paid off. Now a seven-floor, renovated hotel with stunning views, McMenamins’ 56th property includes 45 hotel rooms, a 250-seat restaurant, multiple small bars, the Elks Temple brewery, a bottle shop and a concert venue, all under one roof. Elks Temple is now a lively spot for locals and traveling tourists alike. McMenamins leases McMenamins Elks Temple from Elks Temple Properties LLC, generating rent to investors, who are receiving these revenues as distributions toward preferred return and profit distributions. Funded in 2017, the Elks Temple is expected to be a 10-year investment.   

    See the transformation for yourself.

  • McMenamin family members have a great relationship with these investors, whom they consider like family.

    Interested in learning more? Investors, please contact